Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mini Albums for my Niece and Nephew

I just wanted to share a couple of mini albums that I've been working on for my Niece and Nephew.  This first one is for my Niece Gianna, I wanted to make her a baby album, but I don't have any baby pictures of her, so I put it together without the pictures...which was very challenging for me.  I just want to warn you that this post is pretty long and has lots of pictures.

This is the first page.  I wanted to leave enough room on this page for some large pictures.  I absolutely love the Graphic 45 envelope album, but everything has to be pretty flat on the inside, or it won't I wasn't able to make it very dimensional, which stinks because I love dimension.

Here is page two...I did a lot of fussy cutting on these pages, plus the photo mats slide out from behind the bunnies.  And I put some photo mats inside the envelope, for some more pictures.

Here's the third page...all the tags can be pulled out and I added journaling lines of the back. 

Once again all the tags can be pulled out and journaled on the back

The nice thing about this mini is that you can put little things in the envelopes, like hospital bracelets, lock of hair, things like that.

 Here's the album that I made for my nephew Nicholas...I've actually had this mini made for 2 months, but I was waiting on the pictures.  I think I've posted the cover on a couple websites, but not the whole thing.

I got the idea for the envelope from Laura from Follow The Paper Trail on You Tube.  Here's the link to her video

The idea for the photo booklet came from Cropacabana scrapbook channel, here's the link to her beautiful baby mini album check it out

Little Nicholas is having major medical problems and I feel so bad for him and my brothers family.  I found this poem on the internet and I thought it was beautiful. 

Thank you so much for taking a peek at my bog!!


  1. Both albums are wonderful! I hope Nicholas gets well soon!

  2. both are simply amazing!!!!!!! wow, love them!!

  3. Gosh Melissa, these minis are just awesome!!! I love them both! I struggle with mini albums and yours are just stunning!!! Love the fold outs and all the detail!
    Also, thanks for the sweet words on my blog!!! And you mentioned blogger acting wierd, for some reason I can't leave a comment if I'm on internet explorer at all, I have to log in with Google Chrome to be able to leave a comment on a blog?!?!?!?!?!? Don't get it!!!!

    Thanks so much and I look forward to watching your blog!!!

  4. Melissa! gosh you albums are spectacular!! Just love all the pretty detailing you put into them! Thanks so much for your sweet comments at my blog, I am sad that I didn't have a lot of time to get to know you better before I left MCS, but I just wanted you to know I really admire your beautiful! Stay in touch hon, it's always a pleasure to catch up with you!

    Gabi xx

  5. WOWSERS My friend how amazing beautiful with stunning details Love your work sweet dear!!

    hugs carla

  6. While at diner I saw this and I.m in the middle of making a mini and in need of ideas. Love how you did the slanted page especially. Good thing i was at C ody's and I could doodle a sketch of the to take home and try. T4S